Welcome to LyricsAsia.

LyricsAsia is a free-to-use lyrics website for Asian songs with accurate Pinyin/Yale/TL/Romaji romanization (depending on the spoken/sung language of the song).

This website was started because of certain attributes in me.

I am pretty particular (in fact, OCD) about the correctness of lyrics (especially to the point that the Chinese characters have to be in Traditional Chinese if the song is released in Taiwan/Hong Kong). Not to mention that I add lyrics to all MP3 files in my music library via MP3 tagging.

Besides, I performed in an acoustic band (I'm an instrumentalist) and my singer would always need to search for lyrics online before he can start singing. It would help if we can have a centralized repertoire listing where I can add the link of lyrics to the list and we can access the lyrics more easily.

Furthermore, I'm interested in linguistic studies and I'm familiar with both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Japanese (yea I can speak, read, listen and write Japanese). But there are many friends of mine have lost touch with Chinese and they can barely write Chinese anymore, so I started LyricsAsia to build a library of Chinese/Cantonese/Japanese lyrics with accurate Pinyin/Yale/TL/Romaji romanization to help music lovers sing their favorite songs without hassle.

It is not easy to build a multitude of contents, but I believe with our passion and your support, we will be able to create more and more lyrics romanization.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to reach us at contact@lyricsasia.com